Waxing & Sugaring: Increase Skin Radiance and Youthfulness


Our waxing service professionals are very careful with your skin so we perform safe waxing to protect the health and elasticity of your skin. Some benefits of waxing include slower hair re-growth and exfoliation.


When wax is applied to your skin, it causes dead skin to stick to it. So when the wax is pulled off, your skin is left absolutely smooth. The exfoliating effect of waxing is essential for a healthy skin.

Slower Hair Re-growth

Shaving merely cuts off the hair, which makes the hair grow faster and thicker. Waxing pulls the hair from the roots and makes it harder for hair to grow back. Hair grows back slower with waxing because your hair follicle has to reproduce new hair and this takes time. In some cases the hair follicle will stop growing new hair. This is good because you will have less hair than you are used to.

Waxing Prices

Eyebrows $22
Upper Lip $16
Face (sides & chin)$25
Bikini Plus$36
Upper Leg$42
Lower Leg$42
Full Leg$66
Full Leg & Bikini$84


Sugar is an all-natural form of hair removal. It is ideal for sensitive skin types (prone to ingrown hair, redness, irritation). Sugar will never adhere to live skin cells making it effective for removing short stubborn hairs, as it can be re-applied numerous times without harming the skin. Over time with consistent sugaring, the hair will begin to grow back sparse, allowing you to go longer between services.

Sugaring Prices

Face (sides & chin) $28
Chin $19
Arms $40
Upper Leg $51
Full Leg With Bikini $95
Lower Leg $51
Full Leg $80
Lip $19
Bikini Plus$45

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