8 Benefits Of Massage Therapy And Why You Need One Monthly

Contrary to a somewhat popular belief, massage therapy isn’t only for very busy working professionals. It’s for everyone and we can all benefit from a good massage.

Massage therapy is the process of manipulating the body’s tissues by applying pressure on them. This includes connective tissues, ligaments, muscles, joints, and tendons. The pressure helps to relax them and make them function in a much better way.

At the end of a massage session, you’re left feeling very different than you did before. Usually, your body is relaxed, rested and your mind is fully alert. Any back, shoulder or neck pains should be completely eliminated.

We bet you’re thinking about how great it would feel on you or your ailing family member. And yes, this is what massage therapy can do for you or your loved ones. So consider giving a massage voucher to those who need it most. They’ll forever be grateful to you.

Now let’s take a look at all the great benefits of a good massage and why you probably should have one on a monthly basis.

1. Manages Anxiety And Stress

Studies have shown that massage therapy is extremely beneficial in reducing anxiety and stress. In fact, many doctors recommend it. So if you suffer from such conditions, then having regular massage therapy is a good thing. People with high demanding jobs are definitely prone to some anxiety every now and then.

During a massage, there are some chemicals that your body will produce such as serotonin, endorphins, and dopamine. These are what we call ‘feel good’ chemicals. With regular massage, you’ll find that there’s a reduction in your stress levels due to the production of these chemicals.

2. Muscle Relaxation And Rejuvenation

A massage is a great way of relaxing your sore muscles. If you sit in front of a computer for long hours or you do some strenuous work, you can seriously benefit from a good sports massage.

Most people carry a lot of tension between their neck and back muscles. Therefore, these muscle groups require special attention and for this reason, it’s recommended that you regularly make appointments to ease the tightness.

3. Increases Blood Flow And Circulation

In order to heal and function properly, our muscles and body organs need enough oxygen. One of the key benefits of massage is the ability to stimulate blood flow and help in the provision of oxygen, including necessary nutrients to the blood.

This helps to relieve back pains, heal sore muscles and better overall health and well-being.

4. It Improves Sleep

If you have trouble sleeping, then go get yourself a good massage. Sleep is extremely critical for good health and massage acts as a holistic sedative, which is much better than a sleeping pill.

The release of serotonin during massage therapy will help you sleep better. No wonder many people fall asleep during an exceptional massage session. A monthly massage will ensure you have a good night sleep each and every night.

5. It’ll Improve Your Mood

Other than relieving stress and anxiety, if you’re feeling a bit unmotivated, a good massage will help lift your spirits! Since your brain will become filled with ‘feel good’ chemicals such as endorphins that are popular in anti-depressants.

6. Provides Relief From The Symptoms of Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a long-term condition that will cause you to have pain all over. As a result of this condition, you’ll have sleep issues and mood swings. You may also experience some flu-like symptoms and fatigue.

Your back muscles will become stiff and painful. A good massage will help with this. You may relieve all of these symptoms with routine massages.

7. Relief From Migraines

If you’ve ever had a migraine, then you know how irritating and uncomfortable they can be, plus medication doesn’t always work.

A good massage therapy can prevent and relieve these constant headaches. Most of them are triggered by lack of sleep or poor sleeping habits. So once you‘re able to sleep soundly as a result of a massage, the headaches usually begin to disappear.

8. Alleviate Back Pains

Many people who seek the services of a masseuse normally have back pains. They may also be experiencing neck and shoulder pains, which can all be alleviated by a deep tissue massage.

Research shows that regular massage therapy works wonders in relieving these kinds of pains and eliminates them completely with time.

More Benefits Of Massage Therapy

All right, now you know how important a good massage is to your body. To truly experience all of the benefits of massage, you’ll need to visit your masseur on a regular basis, at least monthly.

But there are even more benefits that come with massage therapy and these are:

Post-Surgery Rehabilitation

It’ll help your body heal and regenerate after surgery.

Boost Your Body’s Flexibility

For athletes and other professionals, regular massage will help maintain your body’s flexibility and keep you active for a long period of time.

Strengthens The Immune System

People who have regular massages tend to be healthier as the body is able to release needed chemicals into your immune system.

Reduces Posture Issues

Feeling fatigued every day is often a result of bad posture. We don’t sit, stand or lie down in the right way and hence, our bodies suffer pain. A good massage will help to correct your posture.

Go ahead, book an appointment with your masseur today, you’ll be glad you did.

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