7 Habits of Women With Perfect Hair That Won’t Cost You a Fortune

You see them everywhere: women with the perfect hair. Shiny, voluminous, glamorous – everything about her seems perfect: the style, the colour, the length.

But the most confusing part is that it all looks so effortless – it’s as if she woke up like that!

While it’s true that there are women who just happen to have flawless hair, winning the genetic lottery has never been harder! Most of the time, whenever you see someone with just the right beach waves, even though it’s obviously March, they probably have a few simple habits set firmly in place.

If you’ve often wondered how it is possible, then you should know that having the perfect hair doesn’t only have to happen once in a blue moon. As it turns out, there are some things you can easily do yourself to improve the quality of your hair and get the hair you’ve always desired.

Today we dive deep into the secrets of women with great hair that should help you get some healthy-looking hair without blowing a fortune!

#1 They Don’t Wash Their Hair Every Day

You’ve probably heard this one quite a lot but here it is again. For most of you out there, there’s absolutely no need to wash your hair every single day.

The thing is, whenever you wash your hair too often, you’re stripping it of its natural oils and thus losing your hair’s natural glow. And yes, that might happen even if you’re using top-notch quality products.

So instead of shampooing every single day, try doing it every other day or longer, if you can! As a bonus, you’ll gain more time for yourself and being able to sleep half an hour more every other morning isn’t that bad of an idea now, is it?

Oh, and one last pro tip when it comes to washing your hair: when you’re ready for the final rinse, use cool or lukewarm water to avoid your hair getting fuzzy!

#2 They Use The Right Products, In The Right Amounts

Everyone has a hair type. Before you set out buying your hair care products, try and determine yours so you can pick them according to your hair type. For example, if your hair is dry, using a shampoo for oily roots might accidentally dry it out even more.

Once you do have the right products for your hair, remember that you need to use them in the correct order as well. Don’t fall for the temptation of conditioning your roots first.

Instead, always thoroughly wash your roots with shampoo and condition from the mid-length of your hair down towards the ends.

Last but not least, most of the time, less is more when it comes to beauty products: a dime-sized amount should be more than enough. There’s no need to squeeze out half the bottle, as that might cause quite the opposite effect of the one you’re looking to get.

#3 They Don’t Over Do It When Styling

Once you leave the shower, don’t overdo it when it comes to styling it!

The thing is, you can easily fall into the trap – applying just too much of that styling mousse (which then causes product buildup in your hair, making it look greasy!) or vigorously straitening it with your hair iron is a big no-no.

Instead of applying 5 different products and then following up with a hairdryer, as well as a hair iron, choose one of each. Preferably something that tackles your most worrying problem.

For example, if your hair gets fizzy, go with the antistatic spray and blow-dry it on the low setting.

Additionally, while styling tools and appliances (think blow dryers, hair irons, curling sticks) are easily available nowadays, don’t be tempted to use them every day. Again, your hair isn’t much of a heat fan, so when not in a rush, just let your hair dry naturally sometimes.

#4 They Go Easy With The Combing & Brushing

Now, we’re not suggesting that brushing or combing your hair is the worst thing you can do. We’re just saying that no matter what you pick to go with and no matter whether your hair is wet or dry – do it gently.

Before you dive in with a comb, try working through your strands with your hands first and then work your way through with a wide-toothed comb. If you’re more on the brushing team, start brushing from the bottom and move up through your hair, so you’re not breaking hair strands.

#5 The Ponytail Isn’t Always Their Friend

Practically everyone does this… The minute your hair starts to annoy you, you just pull it back up and in a ponytail. And then you do the same thing again tomorrow and the day after that.

Wearing your hair up most of the time could cause some breakage or even some permanent hair loss! Just take a look at your hair tie once you pull your hair down. If there are more than a few hairs there, you may be unknowingly damaging your hair.

If you need to have it in a ponytail or perhaps, your job requires you to do so, opt for the loose ponytail, rather than the sleek, high ponytail on top of your head.

#6 But Trimming Is Always Their Friend

Do you want to have long, glamorous hair? Great! Then make an appointment with your hairdresser!

The secret to having long hair that is also easy to maintain and style isn’t skipping the cut for months or years on end! Actually, the secret here lies in trimming your ends an inch or even less, every once in a while (think every month or two).

The split ends are the places where your hair is damaged the most and once you remove them, your hair will be able to grow faster. You should notice that it’s much healthier!

#7 They Have a Healthy Diet

Have you noticed that women with great hair often have awesome skin and nails too? Does this mean that they take care of their skin or occasionally visit the hand and nail care salon? Maybe… But that’s not an accident. You see, your diet plays a huge part in the health of your hair! And women with great hair have that ‘to a T’.

If you’re not sure where to begin, upping your veggie intake and adding a few extra proteins in your meals is always a good place. Look for veggies rich in iron and don’t shy away from the spinach when doing your morning smoothie.

Also, think about boosting your zinc & magnesium intake. There are plenty of supplements available that won’t only help your hair look better, but they’ll help you feel better as well!

Oh, and one last thing before you go.

Women with perfect hair have one more habit you may want to adopt: they always wear their hair with confidence and with a smile, even on the really bad hair days.

It doesn’t cost a thing and yet somehow, it makes up for a whole new authentic and sophisticated you!

Now it’s your turn. Do you have any secrets when it comes to great hair or any styling tips that work like magic for you? Drop us a comment down below and share them with us. We’d love to hear back from our readers!

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