Canadian Celebrity Hairstyles: Get Inspired for a Change!

If you’re like most people, you do two things when it comes to your hairstyle.

Chances are, you want something plain and simple for yourself, something you can easily do at home in the mornings when you’re trying to get out of the door as fast as possible.

On the other hand, you keep looking at celeb pictures and admiring the hairstyles they’re oh-so-confidently rocking on the red carpet! And they look so darn good, no matter the hairstyle they pick!

But did you know that a great hairstyle that matches your face and hair type isn’t as mission impossible as you may think? With just a little bit of love from your side (aka, proper conditioner) and with a touch of inspiration from (yours and ours!) favorite celebs, you can easily fall in love with your hair all over again.

Let’s take a look at some of our all-time favorite Canadian celebrity hairstyles. And give you some handy & practical tips for you to try out the next time you’re visiting your hairdresser.

Rachel McAdams

Opening our list with a real hairstyling chameleon – honestly, is there a hairstyle or a hair color that looks bad on her? We think not!

Going all the way from some glamorous light-rose locks like this:

Check out the picture here à

To the common-but-still-fabulous chocolate brown and a proper blonde makeover like this – Rachel can’t get it wrong!

See her in this photo à

Go for the look but only if you’re willing to invest your time & money into properly taking care of your hair because without it, your hair might easily get damaged from all the dying! If you’re ready for the long-term commitment, find a good hairdresser and by all means, try every color you can possibly think of!

Shania Twain

Can we even talk celebrity hair chameleons without mentioning Shania Twain? And boy, did she manage to impress us much over the years with her changing hairstyles!

She conquered the red carpet with a variety of cuts, shapes & lengths. Going all the way from the brownish-red voluminous curls and more.


Shania makes each hairstyle fabulous and it’s not the other way around!


Go for the look if you’re daring, bold & not scared of getting a bit of extra attention like Shania does, feel free to try some of her looks. If you’re lacking some volume, a bit of volume spray might help.

Michael Bublé

What, guys have good hairstyles too! And Michael knows exactly the ideal balance between looking way too sharp and way too casual.

Look at this à

Besides, classic, clean looks never ever go out of style!

This look works for both thin and thick hair. Just style it slightly upward by using a bit of hair wax and have yourself a merry little makeover for the weekend!

Carly Rae Jepsen

Okay, so this isn’t crazy – this girl knows a thing or two about awesome hairstyles!

Thick bangs and a deep mocha shade that makes her eyes pop is a winning head-turning combo every time.


Also, her sharp strawberry bob lightens her whole face up, twisting her looks into something softer and definitely much more romantic!


Go for the look If you have thick, heavy hair that weighs down and doesn’t curl up on rainy or humid days, otherwise, you might be disappointed if your bangs aren’t looking the way you’ve imagined them to be!

Justin Trudeau

Well, he’s still somewhat of a celebrity, isn’t he? And in all fairness, he knows how to style his hair better than most front cover models.

Look at this à

It’s just the right length between him seeming too casual and too playful – a move not so easy considering the nature of his job!

Go for the look, as long as you have that much hair and feel like you can pull it off!

Celine Dion

Who’s better to round off our list with, if not a glamorous fashion & music icon?

Celine has always known how to draw attention, even when experimenting with shorter styles and looks in the past like shown here:


Ultimately, her honey blonde look didn’t leave anyone indifferent (we included). Take a look:


Celine’s hairstyles are ideal for softer, thinner hair. Just add a touch of styling mousse in the mornings before you dry your hair or feel free to experiment and curl it up the night before!

Do you know what you’re going to try next?

Hopefully, you’ve found something that you like. And we really hope you go and try something new the next time you make an appointment! After all, great hair isn’t as far as you may think! You could easily get the hair of your dreams with just the proper hair care for your hair type.

But remember, no matter the hairstyle you chose to go with, wear it with confidence and with a smile. That’s the secret; no matter the style you chose to wear!

Do you have a favorite when it comes to celebrity hairstyles? If you do, drop us a comment and let us know!

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